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Video - The Making of Sarah's Portrait

MakingofthePortrait-thumb 200x110I try to update my professional portrait at least once a year. Richard made this short video after letting a video camera run while he worked on getting a good still image. This is one more look at our process.

Video - My Self Portrait

SarahSelfPortrait-thumb 200x113Richard filmed me as I worked through the process of taking a self-portrait. The resulting video shows just how little I know about photography -- but that I'm tenacious. My hunt-and-peck method somehow gets the job done.

Video - Interview with Richard

RichardInterview-thumb 200x150I filmed Richard talking about some of the interesting things he did with the photographs in Growing Patterns. Because he still works a very demanding day job, Richard rarely accompanies me to book signings, school visits, or conferences. Here's a chance to hear from him about some of the things he does behind-the-scenes.