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Richard Campbell

RCRichard Campbell, whose day job is working at a community development financial institution, partners with me to take the photographs for my books. Richard also does all the creative work with Photoshop and the programming and coding that go into my website, video tutorials, and apps.
We share a desk in the corner of our basement. My chair faces east and his faces south. On many a weekend day, or weekday evening, we can be found working in the same space on a slightly different aspect of a project.

Beth West

BethBeth West is the coordinator of the International Baccaleaureate program at Davis Magnet Elementary School. Beth helps me develop curriculum units that integrate photography and writing with core subjects. We have worked together to implement four residencies at Davis Magnet, and we presented together at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics 2012 Annual Conference.
Click on the links below to read about our residencies:

Rod Red

RodRoderick Red is the owner of Red Squared Productions, which specializes in video production and photography for nonprofit organizations, individuals, and corporate clients.
Rod works with me on a wide variety of projects, not many of them related to children’s book writing.  We’ve done freelance work together for Hope Enterprise Corporation and Hope Credit Union. I helped him realize his vision for a Mississippi-based hip-hop music video contest, The Cypher. He took the photographs for this site of Beth, Julie, and me. Rod is also edits and writes a column for the pop culture blog,

Julie Owen

JulieJulie Owen, a librarian by profession, is currently writing, crafting, and making a home for her family in Baton Rouge. Julie helps me develop educational materials for teachers and librarians. We frequently present workshops on bookmaking at national and state conferences for teachers and librarians.

After developing the Fractal Pop-up Book, we piloted it at St. Luke's Episcopal School in Baton Rouge, LA. To read about and see photographs, click here.

After developing the Fibonacci Folding Book Project, we piloted it at St. Therese Catholic School in Jackson, MS, where she used to be the librarian. To read about it and see photographs, click here.

See photographs from our trip to the International Reading Association Annual Conference here.

Read about Wolfsnail on the Move books here.