Growing Patterns for Teachers

Educational Materials

I have created three very simple printable sheets. The first set re-creates what I call the Fibonacci grid, which features prominently in the book's design, with empty boxes. Ask students to fill in the squares with the appropriate numbers from the Fibonacci sequence and/or draw a picture of a flower with the requisite number of petals.

Fibonacci grid 8.5" x 11"

The third printable sheet is essentially a reproduction of one of the book's pages. It shows the Fibonacci grid filled in with our photographs of flowers. Cut the grid apart, laminate the pieces, and ask students to put it back together like a puzzle.

Fibonacci Puzzle

Make Your Own Growing Pattern

The pattern in Growing Patterns: Fibonacci Numbers in Nature starts with 1 and 1. What would happen if you used the same rule as the Fibonacci numbers, but started with 2 and 1? What would the first 10 numbers in your growing pattern be? Check out pp. 30-31 to find out what this number pattern is called.

Choose your own starting numbers and make a pattern of your own.

Fibonacci Folding Book Project

Click on the image below to access step-by-step instructions for an arts integrated, multi-disciplinary lesson plan for grades 3-9.